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Pirate Treasure Now - Resources

When ye have finished checking out our fine Pirate Treasure Now website, why not investigate some of our fine partner sites as well. On our partner sites, you'll find additional information about pirates, buccaneers, corsairs and everything a swashbuckler like yourself needs to know concerning the life of a scallywag on the high seas.


Barbary Pirates - part of the Thomas Jefferson papers that talks about pirates of the Barbary Coast in the Mediterranean Sea.

John Adams and Barbary Mussulmen - talks about how taking on the Barbary pirates was President John Adams' first foreign policy crisis.

Blackbeard Terror at Sea - A National Geographic special featuring one of the Caribbean's most notorious pirates, Blackbeard (William Teach).

Blackbeard Chronicles - outlines the activities of this famous pirate from 1717 to 1718.

Buccaneers of America - interactive book about the Caribbean pirates from the Library of Congress.

Talk Like A Pirate Day - the official and orginal website where it all began. Keep this holiday alive, me buckos!

April Fools - premiere site devoted to pranks, practical jokes, gag gifts and think that will wake you up at night laughing.

Privateers in the American Revolution - U. S. Department of the Interior page about privateers.

Notorious Pirates and Their Famous Pirate Ships - http://www.allthingsboat.com/boat-names/pirate-ship-names/

Youtube Videos

Blackbeard, Bluebeard & Redbeard - A Pirate Story by Eric Herman -



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