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Pirate Master

Aye, Pirate Master, the TV show starts on May 31, 2007 on CBS. Yea, you lads and lassies had better haul arse and check out this very special pirate show. From the producers of the TV show Survivor, Pirate Master is a contest where only one out of sixteen buccaneers will win the largest share of the one million dollar booty.


The booty, however, will be spread out over many weeks and in the first episode, the ship's captain will receive $40,000 in Spanish doubloons. The pirate ship will be sailing around the Island of Dominca in the Caribbean Sea.

The final winner will be called Pirate Master by all the scallywags who didn't win plus all of those watching at home. Executive Producer Mark Burnett is combining Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride with the Survivor reality TV show for one swashbuckling adventure.

Pirate Master is based up pirates of old, mateys, in that while on the ship, the sixteen men and women will be able to speak their minds and vote in a democratic social system. At the beginning of the show, a ship's captain will be elected and he or she in turn will pick two other officers to help run the ship.

The other unlucky thirteen crew members will do the hard labor, cooking below deck, eating porridge and cleaning up the messes. The captain and officers will get to dine and sleep in luxury, while the rest of the crew will survive on slim pickens (not the actor). Also, the captain, as in the old days, will get the largest share of the initial booty, with everyone else getting less.

At the end of the day something similar to tribal council is held. Of course, there will be the potential for mutiny if the captain does not do his job. But, the mutiny can only occur by unanimous vote, so only if he messes up royally will he be overthrown.

Pirate Master is based upon the fictitious legend of Captain Henry Steel and his chest of Zanzibar. The pirate's chest is the key to other smaller treasures scattered about on the island of Domica.

Live for the day was the motto of pirates and for the crew in Pirate Master this will be the adventure of a lifetime.



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