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Women Pirates

Women pirates were few and far between in the 1600's, 1700's and 1800's as there was quite the glass ceiling at that time in the piracy industry. At that time, women were seen as weak, subservient and even property to men, so female pirates had a lot to prove in the testosterone dominated Society of Uncivilized Pirates.


Mary Read

One of the best-known women pirates was Anne Bonny, who had no Clyde but she did hook up with (no, not Captain Hook) Captain Jack Rackam, otherwise known as "Calico Jack". This dynamic duo of male and female pirates help plunder the Caribbean for many years.

This happened until one time, that is, when Calico Jack got drunk, became weak and Anne took on a lesbian relationship with another woman pirate, Mary Read.

Now, they say "reading is fundamental" so Miss Read and her pirate pal Bonny took on the meanest and nastiest scallywags this side of the Antilles. While the male pirates lay drunk below deck, Bonny and Mary yelled out things like, "I've got PMS and a sword - any questions?" It was at this point that the two gal pals would butcher a large number of sober men on the other vessels.

Bonny and Mary became legends for their ferocity and for kicking men's butts all over the 7 seas. In fact, it could be heard sung upon many a boat upon the high seas from other drunken crewmembers, "My Bonny lies over the ocean. My Bonny lies over the sea. My Bonnie lies over the ocean. Look at the fun pirates can be."

A few other femme fatale female pirates include the likes of Grace O'Malley, Charlotte de Berry, Lady Killigrew, Elizabetha Patrickson, Jacquotte Delahaye, Mary Crickett (sans Jimney), Rachel Wall and Margaret Jordan (sans Michael). And, one of the few rare and famed Asian women pirates includes Cheng I Sao (not Tsingtao beer).

Because piracy was a man's profession, the women pirates that did enter had to do so forcefully, with malice and do it one better than the men just to survive. And, yes, we are talking about today's boardroom. But, nonetheless, back in the pirate days, the women pirates were as vicious as they came and a kiss from a woman pirate generally meant the kiss of death. Muuuuaaaahhhhhaaaaahhhhaaaahhaaa Aaaaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh!




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