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Pirate Costumes

Pirate costumes are a great way to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Chanukah or Talk Like A Pirate Day. In fact, pirate costumes are a great way to celebrate birthdays, Cinco de Mayo or even Secretary's Day. In fact, pirate costumes should become a standard part of your Casual Friday wardrobe.


Heck with that, pirate costumes should become part of your everyday wardrobe, my matey. Pirate costumes have been around as long as pirates themselves. In those days, they did not call them costumes, however, they called them clothes.

Now, back in the day, those swashbucklers would, yes, wear buckles to hold their pants up, but they also wore fancy pirate hats as well. Today's costumes are not the same without a fancy hat. Yes, you may opt for a fancy dancy bandana, but nothing says full blown pirate costume like a big old captain's hat.

Besides a hat, no pirate costume is complete without puffy shoulders, big black boots, an eye patch and a sword. Throw in the parrot and your pirate costume will sing like a little schoolgirl at recess. Okay, so that's a squeal.

The point is, why go half the way when it comes to pirate costumes when you can purchase the whole smorgasbord of options to go with it? That said, your whole family should be endowed with pirate costumes so everyone can celebrate like scoundrels together.

4-Pound Chihuahua Pirate Named Steve

Why, pray tell stop at pirate costumes and why not construct an entire pirate motif inside your home or apartment. This way your costumes will not be out of place one iota. Do you think Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones or Captain Hook had art deco furniture in their dwellings as they lounged around in their pirate costumes? No, I say, No!

You can also bet your bottom dollar (or doubloon) that Robert Louis Stevenson wore several pirate costumes as he was penning Treasure Island. In fact, my Long John Silver seafood loving friend, it wouldn't hurt you to take your whole family, wearing costumes out for fish and chips every once in a while, now would it?

Nay, I say, Nay! And, the next time you're at the old folks home doing a little community service for that DUI you picked up after hitting the bars one night, why not dress all those old scallywags up in pirate costumes? They'll love it. Of course, don't make like a real pirate and steal from them or that would be just plain tacky.


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