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Pirate Games

Pirate games bring out the swashbuckler in all of us. If you have a bit of buccaneer in you, then why not try a few pirate games to show your friends and family just what a scallywag you can be?


Now, some pirate games are video games while others are puzzles and still others be board games. It makes no matter what your bent on pirate games are as long as you play them and play them well. Of course, if you play the pirate games poorly, this could also be a viable strategy on some islands.

But, besides these aforementioned games, let's talk about the role-playing pirate games where dress-up is mandatory and all members in the game assume different characters. Aye, matey, now this is the game for you!

Let's say you and a few friends (if you have any) put on your best pirate costumes and pull out your best fake pirate swords and have a battle in the living room or even backyard. Now, this is all well and good and may be entertaining for a while.

But, let's say we upped the ante a bit, and pushed this pirate game to the next level. What about renting a couple of boats for the weekend and dressing up in yer best pirate threads and lobbing a few grapefruits, watermelons or even shoulder-launch missiles across each other's bow?

And, then, once you've made it to this level you'd probably like to up the stakes a bit more and become a real scallywag on the high seas and act like a real life pirate of old. This is when you rent a bigger boat, or ship and sail into international waters and perform a real life piracy of another vessel. Won't those passengers be surprised?

Here you'll be boarding ship in your realistic pirate costumes with the intent of actually looting, pillaging and plundering their vessel. You'll say things like, "Ahoy, Captain, we've come to pillage and plunder yer boat" and "Yo Ho, Yo Ho, it's the pirate's life for me" and even, "Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum!" An, if you happen to hear "Ho Ho Ho" instead of "Yo Ho Ho" then run because it's Santa Claus and he'll be pelting you with some lumps of black coal and birdshot.

So, to recap, pirate games are excellent, though getting carried away may get you in a peck of trouble. If you're going to act out your pirate games then do so in a safe place such as a deserted island where you can play your own game of Survivor only wearing pirate costumes. Remember to win immunity if you can and if not at least look for the buried treasure while you're there. Remember also, "X" marks the spot.



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