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How to Dress Like a Pirate

One reason pirates are famous are due to their amazing style of dressing up for both laddies and lassies. People love to wear pirate clothes mostly in parties or fashion shows. The clothes are a little difficult to make for new ones, but, here we provided some easy ways for your convenience.


The scallywag who be involved in piracy activities such as robbery or criminal violence at sea, is a pirate. In other words, a pirate is one who rules over the sea with an iron hook. We pirates used to rob traveling ships in sea and hide at the unknown places. This is the main reason of our terror, as, our activities affects sea transportation.


Pirate clothing follows a unique and definite style that all of you sea urchins need to know about. Now, we will go through the necessary items included in pirate clothing.

  • Pants: The pant must be of black color, but ye can choose gray or brown color optionally. Now, ye have two options to create thee pants. First is to choose ye black pant little tight. The second option is to choose the pants of baggy type, which is easily available in market. Now, take the selected pant and cut its bottom side enough so that it covers below the knee. Cut the bottom side in traditional zigzag manner, as, it is necessary to reshape it in old look.
  • Shirts: Dressing like a pirate comprises of wearing a simple shirt. Ye need to choose a long sleeved and bottom-up white color shirt. Ensure that the shirt is not too fancy or formal. Get a little big sized shirt, so, you can easily trim it in accordance with your size. Cleanliness of the shirt is not so important because we pirates do not keep our clothes clean. It is up to ye if ye put some stains on it as a design to look perfectly like a pirate.
  • Skirts: Wenches need to get a skirt, if ye want to look like female pirate. Normally, long skirts are used. Cut its bottom area to get knee length skirt.
  • Vests: A Vest is an important part of pirate dressing. Choose a black or red color vest. Remember that the vest does not have any of design on it.

Accessories for Dressing like a Pirate:

Accessories are the second most important part of dressing like a pirate. These add-ons lets ye look more realistic. Below are the major accessories for dressing like a pirate:

  • Pirate Boots: For wenches, Tall black shoes are the sign of pirates and necessary to wear under pirate dress. Scallywags may also wear boots, too, but they not need be as fancy as that of a wenches.
  • Pirate Hat or Bandana: Traditional pirate hat or bandana is essential to showcase ye dressing in a pirate-like manner.
  • Belt: A wide and bigger belt is an important accessory of dressing like a pirate.
  • Pirate's earrings & jewelry: Artificial or genuine earrings and jewelry is must to complete your pirate look. This goes for either wenches or scallywags.

Where to get all the stuff?

It is not difficult to find all these things. Ye can easily find such things at your home. If not, then raid the nearest Thrift store or yard sale. Then sail away me buckos, sail away. Arrrgh!

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