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Pirate Party

Hosting a pirate party is more fun that a barrel of sea monkeys. In fact, there's nothing like a pirate party to get yer jibs jibbing, yer jabs jabbing and yer nibs nibbling. "Go to starboard and host the mainsail," you'll exhort, as a pretend pirate who doesn't know what they're talking about. But, that's Okay. This is exactly what a pirate party is all about.


When you have a pirate party its all about fun. You'll walk like pirates, talk like pirates and dress like pirates. The invitation you sent out will have a pirate theme and your decorations should be at least nautical with a couple of Jolly Roger flags thrown in for good measure.

In your pirate party, you can even play pirate games such as "Pin the Hook on the Pirate" or "Hide and Go Skewer" or even "Pirate Paintball". For food be sure to serve a lot of squid and octopus, salted fish and crackers. Dry biscuits were a favorite of the real pirates back in the day, so they should be present of any pirate party menu.

Now, some say the Swedish started the tradition of the Pirate Party, but it was actually the New Jerseyites who invited the first pirates in the 1700's to party with them in full authentic uniforms. Of course, the pirates ate them and took all of their belongings but the sentiment started in New Jersey and has hence spread elsewhere.

If the pirate party happens to be an adult party instead of a kid's party then a little rum is required, preferably a brand that comes from the Caribbean. The pirates of old used to get drunk and shoot each others with pistols, but for your pirate party, substituting paintballs would be a less lethal and perfectly acceptable option.

Ask yer guest to come dressed as wenches and pirates when you send out the invitation since nobody wants to show up in a clown suit to a pirate party. That would just be plain tacky. The main thing to remember, as the host of the party, you'll get to French Kiss everyone, (even the dog) as the pirates of old used to do.

So, have fun, relax and put a little Arrrrr into your life today.







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