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Pirate Jokes 2

We have so many pirate jokes, we've had to add a second page. So, avast ye mateys of all the pirate jokes we have on this page.


If ye happen to have a few pirate jokes of your own, why not send them in. If we happen to get enough knee slapping, milk-out-the-nose-squirting pirate jokes then we'll put up a third page.

There's nothing like a few hardy pirate jokes to make any swashbuckler's day.

Pirate Jokes - Next Top 20

What was Bluebeard's wife's name? Peg.

How do pirates eat on their ships? Slurp soup on the sloop.

How does a pirate greet a prostitute? Yo Ho.

What's a pirate's favorite companion? Hooker.

What exercise is hard for Blackbeard? Pirate Pilates.

When boxing, what's a pirate's favorite punch? Left hook.

What's a pirate's least favorite animal? Beaver.

If Blackbeard played sports who would he play for? Either the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Pittsburg Pirates.

How does a pirate, wearing a patch, say "yes" to the leader? Eye Eye, Captain.

What do you have to watch for when sitting down on a wooden toilet? Long john slivers.

What does a pirate put on toast? Jelly Roger.

What's is called when a pirate seeks treasure? Booty call.

What's a pirate's favorite movie? Booty and the Beast.

Where do pirates get chocolate? Carob bean

Where do pirates buy their sketch pads? Arrrrrrrt Supply Store.

Where do pirates drink their beer? In schooners.

Which pirate ship has a gate? Frigate.

How does a pirate tell his matey to get out of the toilet and secure everything for an upcoming storm? Button up the britches and batten down the hatches!

What is a buccaneer? Pretty high price to pay for corn.

Where does a pirate store his workout clothes? Davy Jone's Locker.

What's Bluebeard's favorite song? Doubloon Moon.

What kind of look does a pirate give right before walking off the ship? Plank stare.

How does a pirate tell his matey he'll watch for him? I'll keep an eye out for you.

Pirate walks into a bar with a steering wheel attached to his crotch. Bartender says" hey buddy , you've got a steering wheel on your crotch. Pirate replys, "Aaargh , it's driving me nuts."

Why does a pirate fear getting older? He could have arrrrthritus.

What killed Captain Hook? (Jock itch!)

What's a pirate's favorite state? Arrrrkansas

What a pirate's favorite letters? Arrrr and Seaaaa

How much did the pirate's ear-rings cost? A-buck-an-ear


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