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Pirate Treasure Now

PirateTreasureNow.com is a club that anyone interested in pirates and treasure may join. Just send this pirate treasure website an ahoy and you will be enrolled in our pirate adventure.

Pirate Treasure

Our swarthy, parrot and hook infested website is all about, arrrgh, pirate treasure plus jewels of information about buccaneers and wenches that happened in days of yore. That's right, matey, after spending a little time with us, you'll treasure this pirate site every bit as much as we do!

From swashbuckling to mopping the poop deck to walking the plank, we'll be with you every step of the way and guide you to find the jewels that's hidden here upon this site. You'll need to dig a bit, but any treasure that's worth finding is certainly worth doing a little digging for.

There are secret passages, hidden links and veiled humor all throughout this website. In fact, all members of our website are encouraged to place a parrot upon their shoulders as they search for the Dead Man's Chest. A good place to find such as bird is the Parrots without Partners Organization, which will flip you a fine bird.

Shiver me Timbers ...

Pirate treasure, however, makes me go Aaaaaaaarrrrrgggghhhh! And, shiver me timbers you just can't have any more fun that digging for treasure in a virtual world upon a virtual website, now can you? Yes, well, I suppose you can but that would require ye doing some real work and getting off yer butt and perhaps even scuba diving since most pirate booty is now hidden under seas and be excavated by commercial interests.

This is more fun, more like fantasy football. Ye don't have to be a real pirate but can play one here and find some treasure and call it a day. Remember, that dead men tell no tales, but live men tell tall tales. So, if they ain't dead, then don't trust them! But, once again, I digress, ye scallywag.

You're host on this virtual pirate treasure trove is Captain Look (because Captain Hook was already taken).

Captain Look will help you look for all the pirate treasure that is to be found here.

I'm a pirate and that's Okay. I have a parrot on my shoulder and wear women's clothes. No, wait! Aarrgh, that's not it, matey. Me's trying to sing a Monte Python song but it sure ain't comin' out.

This pirate is frustrated as ye can see. Searching for treasure all day will do that to ye bones. But wander on, I say and it will all work its own way out.

So in other words, grab your monkey, skull and crossbones, parrot and GPS tracking device and let's get looking for some real life pirate treasure! If you're not up for that, then why not just dig yerself a hole and take a poop - aaaaarrrrggghhh!


Updated Fall / 1689


  COPYRIGHT 2018 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Pirate Treasure Now May not be copied unless with written permission.